Environmental groups ask Ecuador’s highest court to protect Los Cedros

September 4, 2020English

Environmental Groups Ask Ecuador’s Highest Court to Protect Los Cedros, Enforce Constitutional ‘Rights of Nature’ Jane Goodall, 1,200 Other International Scientists Urge Mining Halt in Ecuadorian Protected Forest QUITO, Ecuador— Environmental groups filed a legal brief today urging the Constitutional Court of Ecuador to halt all mining concessions in the Los Cedros protected forest, a … Read More

Research breakthrough at Los Cedros

August 29, 2020English

Researchers have shown that dozens of species of fungi that live symbiotically within the leaves of plants are able to change their biology to decay wood; this new research provides insights into a mysterious form of symbiosis called endophytism. The research was conducted at Los Cedros Reserve, a protected forest in northern Ecuador threatened by … Read More

Jane Goodall and 1200 scientists back protection of Los Cedros Reserve

August 17, 2020English

EO Wilson, Jane Goodall, Peter Raven, and Rosemary and Peter Grant, along with more than 1200 scientists from all over the world, have expressed their desire to see mining activities cease at Los Cedros Reserve and Ecuador’s other Protected Forests. The campaign launched by the Center for Biological Diversity in July has been signed by … Read More

Los Bosques Protegidos de Ecuador definirán los Derechos de la Naturaleza

July 18, 2020Espanol

Los Bosques Protegidos de Ecuador definirán los Derechos de la Naturaleza y pondrán a prueba a la jurisprudencia en la Corte Constitucional del país QUITO, ECUADOR – En un movimiento que sienta precedentes, el Tribunal Constitucional de Ecuador, el tribunal más alto del país, ha anunciado que abordará el caso del bosque protegido Los Cedros, … Read More

Los Cedros legal case could set a world precedent

July 2, 2020English

QUITO, Ecuador — In a precedent-setting move, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador, the highest court in the land, has announced it will take on the case of the threatened Los Cedros Protected Forest by using the Rights of Nature enshrined in the constitution.  The Constitutional Court chose to hear this case recently and apply, for … Read More